Unit 8 Show timeTell the main idea of the story “The gifts” and act the story out. A Listen to a lecture about O. Henry and complete the notes below. W it d fi i hListeningWrite one word or figure in each blank. B Listen to the recording again and circle the correct answers. Answer the questions below. Read the conversation after the recording.Talk timeDisagreeing in a polite way Read the conversation below and practise it in pairs. Pay attention to the words red .Wendy: I love reading short stories. “The gifts” is fantastic.I’y t I’I n’ Jim: I m sorry, but I m afraid I didn t enjoy it very much. The story is too simple.Wendy: I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. I love the surprise ending. I also like Della and Jim. They gave up something for each other. It was really touching. Jim: Perhaps you’re right, but I think the story is out of date. No one keeps a watch on a chain any more.Wend: I’m sorrthat ou feel that wa. It y y y ymay be old, but many people still think it’s a moving story. Choose one of the situations below and make a conversation. S1 thinks Maths and Science are the most important subjects at school. S2 thinks Music and Art are.S1 thinks Della is the most important character in “The ifts”. S2 thinks that im is. g JS1 likes Western opera. S2 likes Beijing Opera.S1 thinks that all operas are old and boring. S2 thinks that operas are fun and interesting. In groups, talk about the kinds of gifts you usually give on special days. Use the pictures and the questions below to help you. Follow the example. Use the questions below to talk about the gifts you give on special days. Then complete the table.What kinds of gifts do you usually give on Mother’s Day/at the Mid- - Autumn Festival/on Christmas Day/…?Who do you give the gifts to?What do you say when you give the gifts?Speciald dGift o To whom What today sayS S1 1S S2 2… In groups, do a survey on your group members’ favorite gifts. Then complete the table below. S1 S2 S3t What s is r your e favourite gift?When did you t get it?o Who e gave t it o to you?y Why o do you e like it? Make a report according to your survey.